run, walk, praise Harlem

Run Walk Praise Harlem 2017

We gathered on Randall’s island for our first Harlem Run, Walk, Praise! We had fun whether we walked, ran or did a bit of both.

Global Running Day

Global Running Day 2017

This year we celebrated Global Running Day in Roosevelt. We walked around Ulysses Byas Elementary School before we headed to the park diagonally across the street.

Drums Alive

Drums Alive

We love to have family events. We make it family, faith, fitness and fun! Drums Alive is a great active for us all. Children gain hand eye coordination while they are having fun. We all burn calories to the beat of great music. 

Color Run Happy

TEAM GospelFit Does The Color Run Again

No matter how many show up, we make it a point to have fun. We are happy. Because we have the joy of the Lord and we know how to live faith, fitness and fun!

Faith, Business & Social Media

Building Business In the Social Media Church

We need to be fit in every area. As we work to build business, we need to keep connected to our faith. There are new challenges and opportunities as we grow in this social media environment. 

The New Natural

The New Natural

We love our hair: kinky, curly and straight. We are all going through our hair journey no matter how we wear our hair. Being in good health shows up in your hair.